Japan Museums some of them.....


A Bomb, Hiroshima Pref., organized by Hiroshima City University (English & Japanese)


Anthropological Museum of Nanzan University, Aichi Pref., collection images (English & Japanese)
Art on the NetProduced by Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts (English & Japanese)
Art Tower MitoIbaragi Pref., contemporary art (English & Japanese)
Broadcast Museum, Tokyo, history of broadcasting service in Japan (English & Japanese)
Canon Camera Museum. history of camera (English & Japanese)
Choseizan Kosanji / Kosanji Temple Museum Hiroshima Pref., its history, development, and structures (English & Japanese)
the Currency Museum Tokyo, organized by the Bank of Japan, museum of curency (English & Japanese)
Dazaifu City Fureai Cultural Hall Fukuoka Pref., Dazaifu-shi, virtual museum, Dazaifu related collection. (English & Japanese)
Edo-Tokyo Museum, Setagaya Art Museum and other buildings in Tokyo. Architectural information only, from Ellipsis.
Hiroshima City Transportation Museum. (Also in Japanese.)

Hiroshima Museum of Art Hiroshima Pref., European conetmporary painting, Japanese oil painting (English & Japanese)


Holocaust Education Center Hiroshima Pref., peace education center for children (English & Japanese)
Hosoe Public Library and Native Land Digital Library Shizuoka Pref., library information (English & Japanese)
Joetsu Municipal Aquarium Niigata Pref., (English & Japanese)
Katsushika City Museum Tokyo, museum of local history and astronomy (English & Japanese)
The Kiseki Museum of World Stones, Shizuoka Pref., a museum of "stone", more than 7,000 collection (English & Japanese)
Kiyosato Moeginomura Museum -- HALL of HALLS Yamanashi Pref., collections -- automatic musical instruments included antique music box, and Japanese traditional tableware. (English & Japanese)
Kumano Field Museum, Wakayama Pref., also in Japanese.
Kyoto National Museum, Kyoto. Archaeology, ceramics, sculpture, paintings, calligraphy, textiles, lacquerware, metalwork.(Also in Japanese.)
Lake Biwa Museum Shiga Pref., Museum of "lake and human" -- natural history, history, environment(includes aquarium). (English & Japanese)

Mandolin Melodies Museum Aichi Pref., (English & Japanese)


Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, Kagawa Pref., a contemporary art museum . (Also in Japanese)
Miho Museum, Shiga, an art museum (Also in Japanese.)
Mithila Museum Niigata Pref., mithila art(originated in India) museum (English & Japanese)
MSSOHKAN Hyougo Pref., On 4 November 1994, a completely different art space from any of the conventional Japanese ones, called 'Mssohkan', which means 'House where produces dreams', opened in Nada Kobe. Mssohkan selects only quality works regardless of philosophy, religion, nationality, or gender of the artist. (English & Japanese)
Museum Meiji-mura. Open-air museum of Japanese architecture from the Meiji period ( 1868-1912 ). Includes a field map. (Also in Japanese.)
The Museum of Fujimi Kougen Nagano Pref., Nature in Fujimi heights and literature to the place (English & Japanese)

The Museum of Modern Art, Toyama Toyama Pref., The permanent exhibition, "Main Stream of 20th Century Art," includes some 130 works of art selected from the museum's collection. (English & Japanese)


Nagoya City Art Museum.Aichi pref., (English only)
Nagoya City Museum Aichi pref., archeology, history, fine arts and folklore (English & Japanese)
Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art Okayama Pref., collaborative art works(3 spatial work) by 3 artist groups and an architect. (English & Japanese)
National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka. (Mostly in Japanese.)
National Museum of Japanese History, Chiba. (Also in Japanese.)
The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto Kyoto, modern art museum (English & Japanese)
The National Museum of Art, Osaka Osaka, contemporary art of the world (English & Japanese)
Nezu Institute of Fine Arts, Tokyo. (Also in Japanese.)
National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo. (In English and Japanese.)
National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo(Also in Japanese)
National Science Museum, Tokyo. (In English and Japanese.)
Nihon Doreikan Exhibition Hall Gifu Pref., a museum introducing the history of "DOREI" (earthen bells) in Japan. (English & Japanese)

    The Niigata Prefectural Museum of History, Niigata Pref., also in Japanese.

    NIMA Sand Museum, Shimane.

    Ohi Museum ĀE Ohi Chozaemoná] Ware Ishikawa Pref., Senso (4th Urasennke Grand Tea Master) was invited by Shougun 5th Maeda Toshitsuna to Kanazawa in 1666. He brought Ohi Chozaemon with him to make the tea utencils. Chozaemon was the highest apprentice of 4th Raku Ichinyu and had spent ten years learning his ceramic technique (English & Japanese)

    Osaka Museum of Natural History Osaka, local natural history, collection list (English & Japanese)

    Raku Museum Kyoto, Raku ware(Japanese tea ceremonial ware) collection (English & Japanese)

    Saitama Museum of Natural History Saitama Pref., local natural history (English & Japanese)

    Setagaya Art Museum Tokyo, art collection, exhibition schedule (English & Japanese)

    Siebold Memorial Museum Nagasaki Pref., memorial museum of Philipo Franz von Siebold(1796-1866) (English & Japanese)

    TABAACCO & SALT MUSEUM, The Museum, exhibits cultural and industrial aspects of tobacco and salt.

    Tokugawa Art Museum. Includes exhibition rooms. (Also in Japanese.)


    The Tokushima Modern Art Museum Tokushima Pref., human image of 20th Century, contemporary print, art works related to Tokushima. (English & Japanese)

    TOKYO FUJI ART MUSEUM Tokyo Met., founded in 1983, comprehensive collection consists of 25,000 Western and Eastern artworks--paintings, prints, sculpture, ceramics, porcelain, photographs, lacquer ware, armor and other artworks, ranging overseveral centuries. The collection of Western painting masterpieces, in particular, is one of the finest in Japan, offering an overview of the 500 years from the Renaissance to the Modern period. (English & Japanese)

    The Tsubouchi Memorila Theatre Museum Tokyo, study of drama history, theater arts of Japan and the world (English & Japanese)

    Unazuki International Hall "SELENE" Toyama Pref., (English & Japanese)

    Yamagata Museum of Art Yamagata Pref., Parmanent exhibition -- Hasegawa collection(Japanese art), Yoshino Gypsum collection(impressionnistes), etc. (English & Japanese)

    Yokohma Science Center, Yokohama. (In Japanese and English.)

    YOKOHAMA MUSEUM OF ART, Yokohama. (In Japanese and English.)

Museum Information Japan. A map of Japan with museum links. (Also in Japanese.)
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