Japan Taxi and Buses

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Airport Limousine
Links to time tables and bus routes from/to Narita Airport, by Airport Transport Service Co.

Hinomaru Limousine
Services, reservation, and tour information by Hinomaru Limousine Group.

Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Highway
A map shows three expressways.

How to take a Taxi in Japan
Gives you tips for using a taxi in Japan. From your About.com Guide.

JR Highway Bus
Routes and other information about highway buses in each region.

Japan Biker FAQ

Japan Rail (JR)

Hyperdia-timetable -

Online Odakyu -

The Subway Page

Kansai International Airport
Tokyo International (Narita) Airport Page
The Narita Layover Page
The Japan Web Site
Traveler's Japanese, with Voice
Tokyo Subway Map (842 kb)
Other Major City Subway Maps
Japan Rail Pass Info
More Japan Rail Pass Info
JR Railways
Japan Railways Page
JNTO Travel
Domestic Flight and Bullet Train Timetables
Hyperdia Rail Schedule and Fares
Expert Travel Planner
Ferry & Hydrofoil Info