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Many tourists end up their holiday at the hospital due to driving rented bikes without helmet or after to much alcohol  Travell insurance to cover for the transport back home is necessary, instead of staying for months in the japan hospital.
Every tourits location on the island has a medical centre who has educated personel, but in serious cases mostly related to traffic they will assist in getting to the main hospital in japan town.This trip with the ambulance will take its time especially in peek seasons with much traffic and difficult roads. So avoid drink & drive, drive carefully, rent bikes which are in god condition and use helmets.
Food is usually no problems, water is ok, but bottle water is better. If going on a divetrip check that your ins the mainsurance covers this  and show the divetouroperator if you have any whatsoever medical problems (astma etc).
japan has low crimes and violence is not so usual except sometimes in Cavos in the south due to the english young footballers making their holiday's with some fighting. August could be very hot sometimes so avoid switching between aircondition and the heath, this could cause heartproblems.
In the south of the island there is 2 straight roads (in fact it is like a airport)
Probably the only place where it is possible to drive more then 100km/h, avoid this maybee your bike have no brakes. Traffic is the main cause for accidents so again drive with the inside of your head avoid prestige and stressed greek drivers.
Every summer there are people dead due to alchol and driving. The roads are in anyway difficult to drive even without alcohol.Stay clear from these things.

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