To the greek state/ EU also responsible for library for Religious Affair Corfu Greece and elsewhere....a need std for library’s? 

after experience in a range of library’s across Europe at distances of more then 3000km and years(!)



Sound is not working on as tested 3 computers to be abel listening religious music, news from greek state and around the world. It works on USB but NOT on soundjack.No earphones supplied

Should of course be there, so be chained.



No antivirus software seems to be installed at all.



The version of windows installed is 2600.xpsp._sp2_gdr.100216-1441.service pack 2 year 2001


the right hand side of my computer down side it displays that windowa xp professional FOR TESTING PURPOSE ONLY.BUILD on the right hand side of my computer it displays that windowa xp professional FOR TESTING PURPOSE ONLY.BUILD 2600.XPSP_SP2_GDR.100216-1441(SERVICE PACK 2)(SERVICE PACK 2)


IT is this bought with proper licence from Microsoft? Or how?


In october 2010 support from windows service pack 2 ended several months ago


It is Mars 2011 now....Eg no correct updating is done at state libray leaving the systems wide open for offenders to do whatever they want. NOT OK.



When trying to just update a newsarticle online, serveral attempts blocking my legal right to update my own news page with international crisis news, there international rescue organisations are involved with support from religious organisations. The possibility to do so is by not having the computer park in order as basic laws in state requires since they have sign human rights.



When arriving to a library to write online, attempts to hinder me entre and usagewith the reason that I, cause the errors!
Its done from external/other machines due to NOT updated software and hardware
I have given logfile of intrusions, and the need to alter between computers. No fix done. Denied to have the name of the lady as well giving me this ordeal above. Not ok

Also that i must give a FIXED landline Phone nr.
No law in the world requires that and it never will be.
Credentials is not a fixed landline or phone, is not a machine either
Credentials is controlled by the state issuing several levels of CARDS to std like this

Telecom do not anwer why blocking communciation. They work on it now.
I have my website and secure communciation in writing as well.And physical location.


Its a breach of human rights to hinder communciation. see technology  or human rights.




I do not see any responsible writing in English translation regards where to find system administrator to complain of the faults with proper knowledge like

or similair like this



I have been told there is no money at the library to care for books and so forth, eg clima destroyes the book which are very ancient.Observe that this library is a ancient institution with very valubale books that could fetch millions on the theft market anywhere or online. They are unique. This sort of things


And there is no money?

see chapter 19


Observe now that backdoors in all softwares galore including corrupt hardware will with plastic cds and so forth ultimatly destroy the archives....fine way to burn books?bravo.


Foundations? Oops with communications and backdoors?



Back to money.


In absolute magnitude, since 2000, the United States the total annual charitable donations in 2000 billion or more, in 2007 a breakthrough to achieve 3060 million; while in 2007, the Chinese government departments and charitable organizations through charitable donations to total amount of about 22.3 billion yuan or so.


The flow of charitable donations from the point of view, the major U.S. charitable donations went to religious, educational, health, public services, etc.; in China, charitable donations are mainly used in student, helping the poor and disaster relief, etc., especially in the some sudden catastrophe, such as floods, SARS took place, China has grown dramatically in charitable donations, this year's "Wenchuan earthquake" took place, China's charitable donations to make the world even reached the level of shock and speed.





Oops lack of money?


Existing Projects




Is it not lack/blocked of communication blocking and so forth that is caused by rotten computing? Now accounting in business is a near religious affair (as well)


The books are worth millions of euro,

a heritage for rest of humanity this time.


So a proposal for a std for library’s schools and so forth, a impossibility?

Entrée is FREE, as well to churches.


  2. and all what it means.
  4. ORGINAL BOXED SOFTWARE with security hologram. Orginal hardware

That are true orginal and have fcc rule correct this device shall not recive interference. Shall be in proper safe without electronics. Service manual, backups, contactdetails, logfiles, all. Secondary backup in basement for archival purposes.

  2.   not rented not oem not copied JUST ORGINAL with signature from the creator of it with legal responsibility as in normal commerce.
  4. VENTILATION to be in working order,


  1. AS well toilets with paper and clean drinkable water



5. A basic simple library card FREE, with photo, which is NON traceable by person following after With assistance of gps mobiles maps ip backdoors and so forth




Requiring that is a illegal. And also utterly nutts, on travels anywhere

A person could have a temporally card In that case.requires ID and could read books

At library and use the temp department computers 1 of 5 1 hour access etc


A EU or say blocks of economics Asean South America, Arabia, etc, one requires local country’s tax number, residence permit, postal address, position, contact methods, website, Name, birth date, ev a reference person who is well known in society and does NOT carry any financial burden of giving such name, a lawyers contact could be handy.


To move between blocks is a more rigorous evidence chain, health, sponsorship, work, agreements, place to live, arranged before hand ,so to be not floating around doing nothing and just awaiting all. Que for what reason. That’s nutts. However

Functional secure communication is handy…


6. Basic lock wire systems around computers, alarm systems, cams and admin to monitor visitors who mocks around in general, in and outside of opening hours 09.00-16.39?


7.Guardiance of person who complains about following bellow and outright extorsion nearly.


log to UN nations Interpol online FBI, CIA, Echelon, African Union, EU, Schengen, Lions, Red Cresent, Red Cross,

Lawyer, Rebel leaders? What? A special office for this type of serious crimes is needed.


1.following after when visiting using or

Leaving the library’s, eg the 2.breaches of human rights again, focus exist today on 3.IVF lab breading of baby’s and its pricelists and the illegality of the whole chapter, 4.sending in lady’s, 5.block of communication just in the moment looking on a lady,  6.hindering dating agency’s and innocent peoples communication,  7.pushing in alternative choice remotely via backdoor technology’s which fits the DNA profiling, 8.Altering payment methods on the fly raising the prices for connectivity to communicate with a lady, 9.recognizing ip and position of computer, 10.planting in ready secretary’s who types in blistering speed, 11.or having here hair totally dumped in chemicals, 12.blocking web pages publishing, 13.ftp access, 14.taking ideas and study’s of inventions, 15.websites, 16.taking the communication regards products and prices, 17.taking lawyers communication, 18.closing electricity, 19.hinder printouts, 20.scanning, 21.taking documents in the printer, 22.copies of print files, 23.hindering communication between 2 computers besides to each other with sane web mail email accounts, 23.blocking websites with installed child guard software without declaration of the reason and exact remedy of what sentence or picture was a breach of human rights, Porn tos std rules, and possibility to remedy and fix .

24. That proper clear answer and fixes are done within normal work week, not several months or weeks passed without fix nor answer.   



This 7 departments is as follows


For Netbank and government services, under total surveillance and in state of the art computing without leaks eg a faraday cage system a stateroom with card reader and card issued by the state with proper photo engraved steelplate and bag +chain and social security number login use here. and storage of own works on usb or similair



A Download department there usb sticks and own devices are viruscanned No music dl porn etc std tos rules and storage of own works on usb or similair



A Child department there filtering of software is done by certified software that does not block sites (often via backdoors) due to news, eg outright wrong sites selected out And a possibility to receive complaints and then change it, will result I functional site  Eg human rights as basic foundation. TOS rules. and storage of own works on usb or similair




A Publishing department for news articles blogs own writing and creation scanning works, court challanges hospital records and challenges etc And printing true self cost for paper and storage of own works on usb or similair



A Multimedia room with proper soundcards high end graphics and own creativity

VR, 3d stereo, large screens and A0 printouts (been in the marketplace for 30 years now?)  For non commercial use. State employees has free account to use for creations in need for state purposes. and storage of own works on usb or similair



A Learning department with e-online courses and trainings various subjects like proper accounting, functional telecom and the reason to it, human rights, basic business functions the full wheel of it, age care and childcare know how,  genology resource, history research and storage of own works on usb  or similair



A Temp department that offers 1 hours usage, a basic reference person eg friend who have it in order like EU citizen, etc, like a sponsor responsibility’s are important, logbook, immigration temp document with photo proper name number address in home country, if not ad hearing to rules, banned, eg that’s why introduction person are important from the existing block (like EU) webemail functions, tos rules std,

And basis in humanitarian aid functions and its application procedures.

Connectivity to consulates is important, as well travel options and payments for it.

Human rights apply in its very essence.



A proper lockable storage with security personel that see sallata matters



A functional website with map, opening times, and international languages with contact possibilitys.



Std set of program to edit upload web pages and pictures, 3 alternative browsers, language to also be in English,

Original software, paint programs, word calc draw ect like open office, Microsoft office pack, special computer for blind and deaf,

ftp secure program, basic chat in silence mode with video, ocr scanning, usb working order sort of std pack at least.

Possibility to save in public area on HD and out to own usb stick, config of screen resolution works, time date is correct,

Not possible to see network, other computers, passwords, usage from other visitors, or non authorized, working performance of machinery to be

Adequate to technology of the time, cleaning and restoring of machine park occurs on routine basis, sheriff style, raid etc, rules for usage in English same on website as online, proper government stamps in security ink on security papers, possible to see video and listen news by usb and soundplugs on machine,

Microphone in functional order, webcam working, BOTH channels in working order in multimedia,   something more? Send a email.





Nice with a answer...  and result

Jan kajander 

Some say is about water and love what about email and communication?

to solve W & L ?test it?