Our Services of 1999:

Technical Spec
Radio & Joint Advertsment
Movie & Cinema Advertisment
Verification & Promotion
Advertisment bureau
Email & Fax
Price & Time

Technical Spec
Digital Alpha Servers 300Mhz
or better.
Password protected directory's
Frontpage 98 support
Real Audio, Real Video, Vxtreme support
Multipla T3 Lines
SSL secure server
Shoppingsystem 2 different
Unlimited traffic /hits
Script support
Unlimited email forwarding
Complete Webstatistics & Tracking
Majordomo mailinglists
Perl 5, C++,Java,javascript,Python,MSQL
Autoresponders email
Own domain's
Registartion in 500 searchenginees.

More Technology!
With 3d models Viritual Reality setup Music Videos Voice & booking & order forms etc.Broadcast Video Production, Non-linear editing, 3D Animation, Graphics, Interactive CD-Rom, WebSite technologies of Internet & Intranet presence solutions from Narrowband to Broadband and Interactive TV (ITV). Java/Vrml/Video,ODBC to Html & Vrml mix VRML& Html&Databases with sound & Video.Windows through Internet

and many more possibility's.

Radio & Joint Advertisment
Select the region, town and country
and we will advertise your site
at the level you choice.
Pricing available on Request
For example:
20 times / day in Central London
Related to programs of your choice.
Local Radio of your choice

Newspapers in paper edition and on Internet at the same time
Logo & banner creation and selection of page for placement
Select Town, Country, region worldwide.
Pricing available on Request

Promotion & Verification

Directory placement verification and enhancement
Search engine relevancy analysis and query result improvement consultation
Strategic links arranged with web sites related to yours
Online submission and follow-up of press releases to writers and editors at magazines, newspapers, TV & radio stations, and other online publications
Suggestions for and/or placement of banner advertising
Newsgroup research, monitoring, and participation
Web site improvement consultation / content scouting
Competitive research and evaluation
Increasing hitrate
Targeted emails

Banner design & promotion

Either a javascript/javasolution clientside
theiré accounting is done on your machine.
Or at our SSL server with creditcard support.
No limit on amount of products. (Just HD space)
Your own editing of pricelists and pictures if wanted.

Advertisment bureau
Sometimes our client requests the involvemnet of a advertisment bureau for the design and
implementation. We have a wide selection of contacts in this,  from the state of the art
Design bureau's in New York & London, depending on price and willingnes to spend money
on the presentation this is easily arranged. Normally it involves a lenghty process
before the site is up and running.Most of this bureaus has win many awards for their
design. Pricing and samples available on request.
For example a very simple  Logo design for 100 000:- Nok has been done through us
helping this governemnt organisation to lift up their profile.

Movie & Cinema Advertisment
Joint arrangements with Cinemas makes your message visible to the Cinema public
Special price available for our customers!
Show your internet adress at the Cinema before the film starts, as a picture with a short message
This service is available at the major cities in Norway  and as many times you like it.
Contact Capa directly and refer to this notice.
Detailed statistics available.

Email & Fax
Targeting the selected group of people is important in getting the message
over. Finding & building a database for this purpose is done with the help
of our 2200 CD and of course Internet.
Considerable time has to be spent on building up and getting this data
of names,fax, emails etc  in correct format.
We have the software for automating the task of getting the messages out

Copyright & Distribution

Copyright & Protection & Distribution
Digital watermarking is used at our site and this is one of the ways we could give you as a customer ways to find if anyone is copying your information on Internet.All works is copyrighted by Jan Kajander all works means everything in the directory's  administrated by Jan Kajander and all the information related/published
by Jan Kajander. We could also provide you with exe files of your pages so you could distribute your information on diskettes to someone without Internet. This Diskette includes a webbrowser and a powerpoint presentation for example.

Trusthouse Forte London
Xerox Engineering Qatar Doha
Internet ref:
CV at http://www.viking1.com/cv.htm
Some designs are very old, normally it requires the participation of the owner
of the business to update and contact us for further development of his site/pages.
Internet development of technology amount of information and people involved
is growing at a rate not exsiting in any other business just now.


Started with Internet in the year 1993 in Norrköping Sweden (learningprocess dedicated to Internet)
First Buisness in Norway Online Galleri Bryggen at the server www.heathcomm.no
They closed after a while and we was not allowed to write in English! and not to have more then 10
business on our pages. Most of the work was done manually in html.(no design tools was available at the beginning)
Was offered to test a new server at Riksnett now starting up in Norway
www.riksnett.no/galleri/  No price for the service was given and we was developing the concept
and getting more and more business online. Riksnett was then bought up by Swedish Telia
Terms changed persons left and we are probably moving on. Now to US navy capacity server
and we will see how this goes. Internet seems to be like liquid!.
We had people copying straight of the info and saying it was their work, we had other people
calling up our clients and not just selling their services but activly talking a lot af negativ bu.....
We had business & organistations sneeking in our emails and other odd things.
But we are still happy doing the job of getting more and more business online.
Wonderful Moments like videofilming a Vikingship in the oslofjord with a nice women making
Poems onboard, Editing pages at the beach in japan, Translating Medeival documents
in Italy to internet, meetings with nice people and their lifes, and much more.
Waiting is what internet is all about, when will it take of all the sales etc.
Its just a question of time and patience and development.Its happening right now
already we find a increase in communication requesting info,pric es and some orders.

Prices & Time
Setting up a server
with 250MB and all tech spec as described earlier
300 000Drx /year  Design Not included.
1 weeks time its up with first pages.

Per Hours Work = 3000 Drx Minimum  30 000 Drx
Includes video, audio, animation, guestbook, counter
500 searchengines, links and the technology wanted
Bulletinboard, Highest ranking in searchenginees
Database of products if ready in std formats
100 products in the shoppingcart system.
Introduktion in Internet at your own site or elsewhere.
Software & installation of Internet
20 000 Drx  ink 30km add otherwise selfcost of getting their
Design at Your Location taking all computer gear with us.
Add selfcost of getting their + accomodation
Accomodation = bed and possibility of shower / food
+ Hour Cost

VRML 3D (vrml 2.0)
Measurment of building/shop
Drawing & rendering of object
Fotographs & sounds
Std shop 30 000Drx
2 days work

Per Month:
400-500 000 Drx  in salary

Normally it takes a week to get a proffesional result
Shorter if just a few pages should come up.
Video sequenses with filming on site 1 -2 days extra.
Full learning on site add 1-2 Days.
Searchenginees uppdates normally whitin 2 weeks.

Result from pages depending on object/services offered
and if combination effects is used Radio/Fax/Car Decals,Newspaper
and how much time to understand Internet.

Welcome for a discussion
Yours Sincerely
Jan Kajander
Viking Online